So Albion Online was an interesting game in my opinion. I think from where it was and where it is now is a massive improvement. Albion is a game I wish I got into more than I did. I never had the motivation to sit down and learn all the ins and outs of the game. If you haven't played Albion you should pick it up now that it is free to play.

Prepare for combat

Albion use to be a pay to play game. You would purchase the base game and then pay a monthly sub to access premium. Honestly, I think the game is crap without premium, but you could always change your silver into sub time so it wasn't that bad. Now a days it's free to play and you just buy the premium with cash or your in game currency. There is no reason not to try the game since there is no pay wall now.

Albion is a full loot PvP game, it's not meant for those who solo 100% of the time. If you really want to have fun in the game and experience everything it has to offer you'll need a group of people. Even if you have no friends to join you in Albion guilds are ALWAYS recruiting people. Remember Albion is a blood thirsty land. Alliances are held between guilds and if you're not in their alliance they will do whatever they can to screw you over.


Albion has broken up the god tier town Caerleon. In the old days it was the only city that could enter the black zones. The black zones had the best materials and fame you could get. It also was a lawless area. You could kill or be killed by almost anyone and they would recieve no penalty and they would get all of your loot. Now you can use any of the other 5 cities to enter that zone. This also makes the market a little more interesting. Since the markets are not linked together at all the prices will vary town by town. You can't really fast travel there carrying loot without having to pay a lot of currency. This causes people to use oxes or mamoths to move goods from city to city.

Moving goods with a little help.

For those PvP gamers out there they also added in factions to the game. You can declare your faction and then any other faction can kill you ANYWHERE. This even includes your safe zones so if you declare a faction watch your back. Albion can be a very unforgiving game, but it gives you a nice rush you don't get from games anymore.

With it being Free to Play you should really try the game out unless you absolutely hate PvP. In which case you should pass on this game unless you have friends who want to play. Everything is better with friends.