Apex Legends: The Surprise Launch

Apex Legends shaking up the battle royale scene with a surprise launch and over 10 million players in 3 days.

Apex Legends: The Surprise Launch

Now that's we have had about 5 days since the surprise launch of Apex Legends i'm sure you have all heard of it by now. Respawn (owned by EA) someone managed to convince EA to have a hands off approach on their newest game. If you aren't familiar with Respawn they are well known for their Titanfall Series. Those games are often recommended to others since they normally go on sale very cheap. They were fantastic games, but general did not do well at launch.

Apex Leads on Twitch by over 100k viewers

However, with Apex Legends they are crushing their launch. Respawn launched their game without announcing a release date on Monday and it exploded. Over 10 million players in three days of launching. It's consistently one of the top games on Twitch right now. They of course had sponsored streams as well, but they have been clearing up and it's generally over Fortnite at this point. I highly doubt it will be the Fortnite killer as they are rather different games even being a battle royale game.

Gameplay/Character trailer

The characters are quite diverse in this game, and that's just fantastic! The ults are not an instagib mechanic and they are generally utility based. Take Wraith's ult for instance she can set up portals that anyone can use including the enemy! Bloodhound can track you down and see you through walls there is nowhere you can hide from him.

All in all this game is fantastic and you should try it! It's free to play and the monetization is fair. It's all loot box cosmetics and you get them for leveling up as well. You get 45 loot boxes by the time you hit the level cap of 100. While not that many because there is a metric shit ton of cosmetics it's quite fair for a free to play game. You can download it from EA's site. Sadly it does use Origin which is by far the biggest downfall of this game.