Crowfall: How to respec

Crowfall: How to respec

If you're anything like me then you can not decide how to play one spec for an extended amount of time. Maybe you made a mistake and want to fix that! No worries Crowfall does allow you to respec your character but only parts of it so make sure you are careful!

Starter town respec location

When you're in the starting town look for a giant red tree. Near the tree is this tiny little building with 2 alters there. The left altar is a respect alter that will help you respec and explains the process. The right alter is for instantly leveling to 25 and skipping the tutorial. I highly do not recommend skipping the tutorial if this is your first character!

If you do not have VIP status then you will need to purchase the books from the vendor to the right. However, they are very expensive for new players! So please be careful!

If you are not a VIP member then please be careful with your choices. I can't say I am a fan of having free respecs tied behind VIP members. It reminds me too much of the crafting bag in Elder Scrolls Online which I also hated. Membership shouldn't take such critical features away.