Ducky Keyboard: Shine 7

Ducky Keyboard: Shine 7

I finally broke down and replaced my old Black Widow Chroma from Razer. It’s not really that old but the Razer software was annoying the hell out of me, and I wanted a better keyboard. I decided I wanted to get a near top of the line keyboard that would last awhile. After looking at a few pages recommending Ducky I reached out to a friend and asked him about Ducky. He confirmed that they were a solid brand so I decided I’d grab something from them.

I started off on the Ducky website, but was unable to find where to purchase the keyboard. I looked on Amazon and found a few listings, but they seemed expensive and they were not US layout. I really wanted a standard keyboard layout and prefer having the one line enter key. I stumped upon the website Mechanical Keyboards, and saw that they had the Shine 7 in stock. They had decent reviews for their service and I found out that they offer pretty quick shipping turn around time.

Finally figured out how to order it. The major decision now was what kind of switches do I want? I really enjoy streaming even though I rarely have the opportunity to do so. I did a bit of research and landed on the cherry browns. I’m typing this article on it now and it’s pretty fantastic. It’s not very loud compared to my old keyboard, and typing on it is pretty solid. I’m definitely not use to how “mushy” they feel, but overall it’s not that bad and the more I type on it the more I enjoy it.

I am a software guy by nature. I generally don’t care about hardware, I’m not interested in playing around with hardware. Just give me something to run the software I want and I’m happy. That said I’ve never had to replace key caps or do anything with removing them. So I’ve never done that before. Luckily for me the keyboard came with some extra keys and a key cap removal tool. Also luckily for me apparently Ducky apparently sometimes includes a special key in the box by random. I was lucky enough to get the space bar year of the dog (I think).

The software is pretty basic. It's not hard at all to get set up on Windows. I got it up and running set up my lights the way I want them and off I went. You can do some pretty nice customization if you weren't lazy like me.

I was surprised by how heavy the keyboard was. I really shouldn’t of been when you look at what it is made of it. Has a really nice sturdy feeling to it unlike the Razer keyboard in my opinion. Feels more premium and a lot better to type on. It also takes up far less room than my old keyboard on my desk which is nice. It’s not really a fair comparison because my old Razer keyboard is a few generations behind this keyboard.

I've had the keyboard for about a month or so now. I absolutely love it! The build quality is fantastic and it feels great to use. Pressing the keys are nice and responsive. I don't have any complaints about this keyboard. It's pretty great.