Eero: Mesh Wifi Made Easy

Mesh Wifi made easy. Set it up in under 10 minutes and you’ll be off to the races.

Eero: Mesh Wifi Made Easy

When it comes to mesh wifi you have a lot of options now-days. Amplifi, Orbi, Google, Eero, and many others all have their hands in the ring for the consumer arena. They all would work for the normal consumer honestly. With Amazon prime day I was able to pick up 3 cheap Eero Pro units. I got them installed today and it was so damn easy.

The setup takes less than 10 minutes. The process and documentation is easy, anyone can do it! Essentially below will get you through the whole process. Make sure you follow along with the app from your smartphone. It tells you exactly when to do this stuff.

  1. Unplug your Modem.
  2. Unplug your router.
  3. Connect the new Eero Pro to the modem.
  4. Power on your Eero.
  5. Power on your modem.
Eero Home

Once you get everything set up you should be greeted with the home screen. In the set up I have I have 3 Eero Pros. The most popular bundle most likely is One Pro (Main router) and then two beacons. The beacons double as a night light which is pretty nice. The home screen has a lot of useful information. It runs speed tests all the time for you to get an average speed. I pay for 400 mbps so it’s pretty solid on speed here. The main screen also shows you how many total devices are connected, and 3 of the top devices by usage.

Family Profiles

You can group devices under a profile. I have mine set up so the girlfriend and I have our own devices in our groups and anything shared like a TV or Xbox is in the home category. You can set up filters so we filter out everything for the kiddo, and the home devices. You can apply filtering rules to the family profile and all devices of there will receive it.

Once you have the profiles set up you can then add on the filters above. We enable them all for the kid. This is an Eero Plus feature. Eero Plus includes quite a few features such as the filtering, and the new ad blocking. I’m not sure how well it does since I do run pi-hole on the side. Eero Plus also has some free software, including a VPN, Password locker, and Malware Bytes Pro. If you would pay for any of that software then Eero Plus is probably worth it for you.

All together, I really enjoy the Eero system so far. I came from the Google OnHub into this. I didn’t have a mesh network so my coverage is a lot better. I don’t know if I would pay full price for it or not, and I don’t know if I will do Eero Plus. However, if you can get them half off like on Prime Day then it would be worth it 100%.