Elder Scrolls Online: The Revisit

Elder Scrolls Online: The Revisit

I started my journy with the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) back in beta. I still remember the first time playing and the numerous bugs. For instance back in the day when you rescue the profit and he lifts you in the sky to escape it would just kill you and your corpse would fall to the ground. It was a disaster in my opinion. However, recently I have returned to the game and given it another chance and I love it! I am 100% hooked!

When a MMO launches bugs are to be expected, so I don't really count those in when determining if I am going to play an MMO. The beta was so bad for me though I never purchased the game at launch. The main reason is the combat. I absolutely hated the combat. It feels like it doesn't have any weight behind it. The animations feel janky, and I hate the weapon swapping. To perform optimally you also need to weave in light auto attack and essentially animation cancel them. I loathed this at first. However, I've downloaded an addon to help with this. You can find the addons in the addon section.

Since returning to the game I still dislike the combat, but I'm also comparing it to Black Desert Online which in my opinion has the best combat by miles. There isn't any other MMO out that can stand with it. World of Warcraft combat just seems so smooth to me that it is also superior. I don't know if that's cause I've played it for a decade now or if its just smooth. Either way ESO can not compare to either of these games combat, and that's actually okay. Combat is not ESO strength to me. It's strength comes in how much stuff there is to do. All the quests are fully voice acted which is fantastic.  


Did I mention you can turn into a werewolf or vampire with a full skill line? Cause you can, and it's super fun. Something about charging in and shapeshifting into a werewolf in the middle of a monster pack is fantastic! It feels amazing, and you get some powerful abilities in werewolf form as well!

Finally a Dragon.

There are finally some interesting bosses! I never did get far, but my experience with ESO bosses was pretty bad. They were all very boring and super easy. I guess that's what happens when you don't get far in an MMO. However, bosses do get more interesting as you get further in the game. Furthermore the DLC dungeons are pretty intense as well. The difficulty definately increased when I hit level 45 and gained access to them.

I've spent hours upon hours doing the quests in ESO. I've been trying to complete all the story lines and to finish all the quests in all the zones. With all the DLC available through ESO + their subscription service I have tons of content to do. ESO + gives you access to an endless crafting bag. It's pretty required if you're going to do any crafting in my opinion, unless you enjoy playing inventory manager simulator.  Another big reason is you get all the DLC included in the subscription except the latest chapter. At the time of writing this that would be Greymoor. This has given me a lot of content to play through, and I'm not even close to finishing it out.

The quests are fully voice acted and they are pretty swell to say the least. They aren't as good as the single player games in my opinion, but they are definately memorable and I thoroughly enjoy them. I wouldn't say they are bad at all. Most MMOs I rush through them to get to end game. I have taken my time exploring and questing through this one. That's pretty rare for me to do.

Dark Brotherhood outfits

The crafting is pretty fun as well. I've been spending hours working on collecting motifs and getting my crafting stats up. Motifs allow you to craft armor with a certain appearance. They have since launched the outfit system which lets you change the way your armor looks. You need to know the motif to do this, and it is now account bound! You still need that character to know the motif before you can craft an armor piece in that style though!

Sadly addons are pretty required for a fleshed out user experience. A good place to start is over with Alcast. Here makes some fantastic ESO builds if you're looking for one. His content is top notch. He has a list of add \ons he recommends over on this website

This doesn't even scratch the surface of what ESO has to offer. Seriously get the game when it goes on sale if you're on the fence and try it! It is a lot different than when it was in beta, and I highly suggest going back. I am very happy that I did, and it is currently my main MMO for now.