Ghost Blog: The perks

Ghost Blog: The perks

Blogging is a pretty normal thing now a days. You don't need any tech experience. You just need to be able to write. You're reading this on my blog right now and I can barely write, but hey I'm here!

Ghost is so damn easy to set up and blog on. The group behind it is doing a fantastic job with updates. The UI is minimal, it's just for blogging. If you want some crazy over the top website probably should look somewhere else like Wordpress. Ghost focuses on the SEO for you so you don't have to.

Wordpress and Ghost both have options for self hosted or they will host it for you. If you are scared of technology definitely go with the hosted version. If you aren't scared of tech and want to give it a go you should go for it. It's not too hard especially if you follow Digital Ocean's guide for installing ghost. They walk you through it all and it just works

This blog is running on Ghost and I can't be happier. It makes everything simple and takes no time at all to get up and running. The themes are great and decently priced. They even have an Android app for blogging on the go. It even works if you're not online!

Now Ghost sadly does not have built in comments. Your best option if you want that is to push your readers to social media or use Disqus. Disqus is at the bottom and it's what you see when you try to comment on this article.

Not sure if you want to use Ghost? Ghost themselves will give you a 2 week free trial. Maybe you want to see how you fair on a self hosted platform. I found Google Cloud to be a little difficult compared to Digital Ocean, but they have some free credits you can use and a one click installer too. Check out Google's free trial.