Legends of Aria can be quite confusing when you first begin. Hopefully we can clear up a few common questions with the game to give you a quick head start. We are here to help you with some in game movements tips, tips on your first character, and how to unlock the full world map.

Helm blacksmith city

Creating your first character is an important choice. Starting out as a mage is one of the hardest ways to start as they require expensive (for beginners) reagents which will slow you down. It's recommended to wait on making a mage until you have a character that can fund you.  Archers also require arrows while cheaper can still be a rougher start. A melee character is the easiest way to start the game if you're going the combat route. If you are going to craft just look up the professions in the game and work that way. Remember that some skills can't be trained by trainers. So you may want to read up on which skills can't be trained by vendors and where to find the trainers here.You won't have a shop so you will need to spam the bank selling your goods. I recommend any combat character to take healing and vigor for two of your skills. Remember each skill maxes at 100 and you can have a total of 600 points spent.

Change to WASD movement

Once you are in game I highly recommend changing your settings to WASD movement instead of the standard movement. It's a personal preference, but I think it will help most players out. You can find the option by going into settings, and going until the mouse tab. This will help with shorter movements as the default makes you walk if you are going a short distance. WASD is full speed ahead.

Guy sells maps

Each zone of the world on the map will be hidden. You can only see the zone you started in on the world map. By going to the capital city of each zone you can buy a map for the area. For Eldeir Village the map is the blue scroll sold by Guy for 2 silver.

Market for buying items.

So you may be asking what to do now? It's a sandbox MMO and it's really whatever you want to do. If you want to go and do! If you're a crafter work on getting yourself a nice shop set up. If you are combat go kill some giant rats or bandits. Carve our your own little niche and do what you want to do!