I'm not much of a mobile gamer myself, but I do have a subscription to Apple Arcade. If you don't know what Apple Arcade is and you have an IOS device you can get a free trial from Apple. Mini Motorways is on Apple Arcade with some other bangers.

Mini Motorways is a nice time wasting game, at least for me. You are in charge of getting people to their location and back. If you take too long then you'll lose. So you need to work on getting your roads just right. You can accomplish this by using bridges, traffic lights, motorways, and some other fun tools.

Different levels to choose from.

You have multiple different levels you can choose from. The gameplay is generally the same depending on the level from what I can tell, but there is a lot of replayability. You also have leaderboards for around the world and your own friends.

Messy Failure of a city

As you can see from the image it can get quite messy if you are like me. You have to match the houses to the bigger circle icons. The colors matter, so for instance a blue house will only go to a blue circle. You need to watch for intersections that will have too much traffic. It's very easy to get too much traffic in one spot and this causes traffic jams. If you make your roads too long it will take longer to get from point A to point B, and you may even run out of road!

Every week you will get a new reward including some addition road tiles, and maybe even a bridge! Running out of bridges can be very bad if you get a house or something to spawn across a river. You never know where they will pop up so you need to be prepared!

The game is quite simplistic to get started, but by comparing my scores to leaderboards I have a feeling there is a lot more to this game than what I have seen so far. I highly recommend this game. It is my favorite on Apple Arcade, and I hope you enjoy it as well.