It's been a long time since I have played a strategy game. It's generally not my cup of tea, but Northgard is just fantastic. What is better than being a viking?  Granted I'm not the best at strategy games I find it quite difficult just playing through the campaign.


It's a slower RTS that what some of you may be use to. There is a lot more building of an empire and economy then something like Starcraft. You need to collect a lot of different resources, and you need to survive the harsh winters. At one point I went from +20 everything to -30 so you need to stock pile for the winter!

You'll need to build houses to keep your villager count to continue growing, if the houses aren't upgraded enough the villagers may become unhappy. The happier your villagers the faster you gain new ones. So it's important to keep them happy!

Food can come from multiple places including fishing, hunting, farming, scavenging, and even upgraded healers can produce food. You'll need silos to store it all. Food is important for expanding into new territories too! Territories have to be claimed after all the enemies have been cleared so you'll need some troops to help you with that! To find new territories you'll need scouts and it takes time for them to traverse the world!

Multiplayer options

The game is online co-op and even has a single player campaign for you to play through. As I said earlier it's difficult for me, so hopefully it will provide a challenge for you too! The online co-op can be played with your friends against AI if you don't want to go head to head with other players. There are lots of different settings so you can play exactly as you want.

There are currently 8 different clans that you can play as. Each one has unique perks to them. They can range from merchants, mercenaries, to sheep farmers. Depending what plan you play will change how you play the game.

Eikthyrnir Clan

Eikthyrnir Clan starts with more resources than other clans. They work towards fame and wealth. Increasing your fame increases your wealth ,and once your relic is done you can colonize stuff for free if your warchief is in that zone.

Heidrun Clan

Heidrun clan is good at collecting resources. They start with sheep which can be put into sheepfolds which produce food.  Collecting fame for them allows you to upgrade farmers, hunters, and fishermen for free

Fenrir Clan

Fenrir Clan blood thirsty warrior. Killing wolves or bears will give you food. The more troops you have the happier your clan will become. They also require less food for your troops. They can colonize for free if a berserker is with them.

Huginn and Muninn Clan

Huginn and Muninn Clan the merchants of Northgard. This clan is all about setting up trade routes and finding new areas. They can summon two sons of Hrymrs  to a coastal tile for a raid.

Bjarki Clan

Bjarki Clan the warriors of the winter. Fighting in the cold doesn't stop these guys. They get stronger while the rest of the other clans get weaker. They have a might bear that helps increase production when he is in the zone as well as gets buffs your troops the more fame you have.

Slidrugtanni Clan

Slidrugtanni Clan the zerg of the game. Housing situations don't bother them. Each territory you claim gives you 2 max population, and during the winter your need for food is reduced 70% and your need for wood is reduced 30%. Forests are their friends as they can review all forest and summon boars in the forests.

Sváfnir Clan

Sváfnir Clan hit and run is the name of the game. This clan doesn't like to attack full force. They get a powered up hero named Signy. The older it gets the stronger it becomes. It can burn the earth which reduces productions by 50%. This clan requires a DLC.

Nidhogg Clan

Nidhogg Clan utilizes slaves to get their work done. They are not strangers to sacrifices to get ahead. If the enemy is ahead they get + 10% attack power for each victory condition they are ahead on. This can make them deadly as a come back is quite possible.

The game itself is 30 dollars on Steam. If you're lucky you may get it cheaper on Humble Bundle. The April 2019 Bundle includes Northgard in the subscription for 12 dollars. It's a fantastic game and should be picked up for the 12 bucks. If you're a big strategy person then you should definitely get it for the 30.