Stolen Realm: Tactical Turn-based RPG.

Stolen Realm: Tactical Turn-based RPG.

Stolen Realm is a turn-based tactical RPG. Each "team" takes its own turn at the same time. Therefore if you have a full team of 6 players you don't have to wait for each individual player to take their turn. You all take it at once and then the enemy will take their turn. This really helps speed up the pace of a turn-based game.On top of that, you get some core RPG elements such as skill trees and passives. Your gear matters and while there are structured classes such as Warrior or Ranger you can branch off and make your own. Stolen realm allows you to make a summoner that summons a grizzly bear and a skeletal archer. You are free to mix and match.

Stolen Realm Trailer

The entire game revolves around a unit of measurement called a Hex. Each hex is a hexagon that occupies one space. The shape allows the board to be filled with these, and it's used to measure where characters can move and what is in the range of attacks. It uses a Slay The Spire kind of adventure style, which I believe increases the game's replayability. As you can see there are multiple different paths to the boss. I generally prioritize the hard battles and the rest stops. The rest areas even if you don't need healing give you increased loot and gold if you forgo the healing.

Stats and inventory

As your character progresses you will gain stat and skill points on level up. It's important you put these points in as you get them. The game does get progressively harder. It's important to remember you can change the difficulty whenever you are in town. The balance of the skill points is pretty good as well. For instance, Might increase summon damage and healing. Int will increase minion health and your total mana. This prevents you from rolling a healer and just putting everything into Intelligence. You may have tons of mana but it won't heal for much and your skills do have cooldowns. The items appear to have random stats selected from a pool. Like Action RPGs they appear to use a suffix/prefix system to randomly generate the items.

Skills and passives

The game currently has 9 different skill trees with active and passive skills. You can mix and match each one and as you progress down they will take more skill points. The last line is 3 skill points per skill and the one above requires 2. You can go into any other tree whenever you like. If you mess your character up you can always reset their skills and stat points. It will cost you a gold free though which you get plenty of in-game.

Mini games

During your adventure, you may find a fishing hole, gathering spot, or even some ore to mine. Each type of these will have a minigame connected to it. For fishing, you need to keep the copper-colored piece under the fish. The fish will keep moving so it's harder to keep it hooked on the line. By completing these games you will get resources for crafting or even upgrading your equipment.

Overall the game is brilliant. It runs smooth and so far we have only come across one game-breaking bug. The player it affected had to leave the game and then the rest of us could progress. Some of the levels are incredibly hard compared to others. For instance, we came across a pair of golems that had an aura that was hitting for 150 damage on everything in it and could swing 2-3 times for 100+ damage. We had to use barrels and kiting in order to survive. Then when the boss came we just face tanked him and killed him. For me, this game is best played with friends. While you can take 6x of your own heroes in and play by yourself I find it quite tedious. However, some others do enjoy this. It's best if you try it out yourself and see how it goes. The game currently is 20 dollars on steam. This game is a must-play if you like turn-based RPGs.