The New Ghost

Ghost continues to make blogging simplistic, fast, and fun. The newest update proves that.

The New Ghost

Interestingly enough Ghost has switched it's default blogging editor away from Mark up. It's quite a different experience and even easier than before. It's a pretty self explanatory update. You'll be blogging in no time.

Just in case you're not a pro Ghost member a quick remind on how to update. Just navigate to where you installed Ghost on the server using the user you installed ghost with. If you used Digital Ocean it's most likely user ghost-mgr and installed at /var/www/ghost. Once you're the just do a ghost upgrade (probably patch your OS too since you're already there) It should go off without a hitch. It will yell if you're too far out of date, but it will give you another ghost update command to run. If your theme isn't compatible it will also warn you and even generate a new URL for you to see what it looks like with the new changes. Β Once you're upgraded just go create a new post. You'll see the different instantly.

It's super easy to add images and embed stuff from different social media sites. Ghost makes blogging so simplistic it's absolutely amazing. You just have to press the + sign when you press enter and bam easy to use menu.

Ghost embed is easy

So go on try it out! It's easy to do and it looks much better in my opinion. Gone are the days of looking up the syntax for markup. Hope you enjoy the update as much as I did.