Twobird: Awesome Email Client

Twobird: Awesome Email Client

When I started switching to Mac as my main device I was struggling to find an email client. On Windows, I was making do with Google web client. It was okay, but I prefer having a client on my PC. The other big options just didn't interest me. I really had no interest in using Outlook. So I did some digging and I came across Twobird.

One of the main things that attracted me to Twobird was the clean interface. For Windows, Mac, and even iPhone the user interface was nice and clean. I didn't struggle with all the extra features of things that I didn't need. I'm not exactly a power user so having a million features isn't for me. I just needed a nice interface with basic features.

Get rid of those pesky newsletters

One feature I really enjoy is the ability for it to see what emails I am ignoring, and provide a clean UI for me to look and unsubscribe from them. Twobird will try to unsubscribe you automatically. This saves you some time from going to the websites and unsubscribing via the links provided. I've noticed sometimes I still have to do that.

Another nice feature that I use is when I send an email. Twobird will send me a reminder that whoever I emailed did not reply. I don't know how many times I'll email someone and not get something back. They may have been out of the office etc, but it reminds me and allows me to follow up with them again.

Snippet from Calendar

Twobird as most email clients has a built calendar function. Again it's just enough features for me to use that it is nice to have. However, I don't use this myself. In the future, I may move to it, however. It's nice to have the option available.

You also have a built-in note-taking section. Handy for jotting down some quick notes. Handy if you don't use other apps for this or if you prefer to keep all your stuff in one app. You can assign notes to other people, or set a reminder for yourself.

One of my favorite things about Twobird other than the UI is that it works on PC, Mac, or your iPhone. It's nice having the same app across all the platforms. This was something I struggled with when looking at other apps. This seems like a common theme with Mac apps. They don't seem to support Windows which is a bummer.

If you're looking for a massive feature-rich email client maybe Twobird isn't for you. If you're like me and just want a nice UI with basic features and a few nice features here and there I would highly suggest Twobird. For the average user, Twobird is more than you will ever need.